Vigilys is focused on providing hardware solutions that support first responders and the community during catastrophic events. Commercial applications for remote sensing have been slow to develop.  However, there is now a growing concern surrounding the increasing frequency and severity of catastrophic environmental events. With the apparent rise in wildfires, floods, seismic and tsunami events and with rapidly escalating event mitigation costs that are straining available budgets, agencies and municipalities are seeking ways in which to effectively combat these growing threats.

Since its introduction in 2005, Vigilys’s first generation FireALERT MK I (MK I) wildfire detection system offered persistent fire surveillance to the commercial arena by providing real time wildfire detection working in unison with an event management and mitigation software capability. This system of systems approach taken by Vigilys, through a combination of hardware and software, created a solution that:

  • detected the outbreak or approach of a wildfire into a monitored area
  • continued to map and track the wildfire event in real time
  • provided this information in a mapped display for first responders

Vigilys is now planning the introduction of its second generation FireALERT MK II (MK II) that will include a number of performance enhancements over the MK I, the most significant of which will increase the fire detection range and add UV based detection.

Through our subsidiary’s recent acquisition of the Mission Manager Software platform (MM), Vigilys is now planning to have the new MK II seamlessly integrate with MM through a software Application Program Interface, (API). The result will enable a network of MK II’s to work in unison to provide 24/7 real time fire monitoring data to support fire event detection followed by continuous geospatial mapping and progression tracking of the fire perimeter for either a single fire hot spot event or for multiple concurrent events. This tight integration of real time fire data with MM will provide a tightly woven first responder solution to fire event management.

It is important to realize that fire detection followed by fire mitigation and management are only two thirds of the solution. Vigilys is planning to provide MM with a communication notification layer, again driven through an API, that will equip first responders with the means to dispatch notification alarms and updates to community residents. This last part of the solution will keep residents in the path of a wildfire appraised of evacuation routes, staging areas, and all specific information necessary to aid in their making informed decisions to promote personal safety.

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