API for MM

API for MM


Application Program Interface (API) for MM – A series of purpose built software API’s will interface a variety of sensor and data sources to MM through a number of information rich display layers that deliver real time event specific information to all relevant emergency management operatives (EMO’s).

In the specific case of a developing fire event, one such API will enable a network of FireALERT MKII’s (MKII’s) to work in unison, seamlessly integrating with MM to provide 24/7 real time fire data to support fire event detection followed by continuous geospatial mapping and progression tracking of the fire perimeter for either a single fire hot spot event or for multiple concurrent events. MM will immediately notify EMO’s at the Dispatch Center when an initial fire detection occurs. They will dispatch a number of response assets that will determine the severity of the fire. If they decide that it is growing beyond their ability to effectively suppress, they will establish an Incident Command Center (ICC), possibly at the fire site. Here, EMO’s will orchestrate suppression activities, calling in additional resources as necessary. If the fire continues to grow, exceeding the ICC’s capabilities, they will call for the formation of an Emergency Operations Center that will manage all phases of the fire event until it is resolved.

MM and Situational Awareness – By integrating fire data transmitted by a network of MK II sensors situated in a monitored area, MM will provides EMO’s with critically important real time fire event data within minutes of the initial fire outbreak. MM will then continue to acquire data from the MK II’s to provide EMO’s and connected first responders in the field with ongoing fire location mapping and tracking situational awareness.

Providing MM with relevant FireALERT data in conjunction with other site specific data from available legacy systems will present a cohesive, real time picture of the event area. This aggregation capability, delivered as a series of layers through MM, will provide unprecedented levels of real time situational awareness to field responders, emergency management operatives, and the community at risk.


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